References and Reviews

On behalf of the Vero Beach Book Festival, I wish to thank you for your exciting and stimulating participation in our 3rd Annual Festival November 15–17, 2007.  The most frequent comment I heard about you was, “He is a real treasure.”   How appropriate for the Treasure Coast.


Comments continue to flow in about your school presentations.  Rosewood Elementary School children so enjoyed your presentation and the Simon Says activities finishing off your presentations.  Your ability to relate with the children is so special and so appreciated by your audiences.


Some real “bonding” must have happened at Vero Beach Elementary School.  Feedback from that school includes comments like, “he exudes joy”, “he shows a passion for giving”, “he smiles with his heart”, and “he is a joy to be around”.


Your assistance on Saturday in the Kids’ Street Pavilion and on Kids’ Street was so appreciated.  Your acts of kindness to our volunteers and your willingness to work out our microphone problems have endeared you to all of us.  Your easy going manner and your ability to go with the flow and make the best out of what you have no matter the situation helped to make our Festival something really special.


Darrell, we will always want you to be a part of the Vero Beach Book Festival.  You bring so much to the children of our community.     Thank you!

Barbara Hoffman, Chair

Darrell House presented a workshop titled “Getting the Gig: Marketing Secrets for Children’s Authors” at the 2010 University of North Florida Writers Conference, August 2010. He received rave reviews from writers attending his workshop and his overall evaluation score was very high. He was entertaining and educated the audience with his personal knowledge of the subject. Also, Darrell was a delight to work with and very professional. I highly recommend Darrell House to present workshops at any conference or festival.

Sharon Y. Cobb

I wanted to thank you for coming to the Amelia Island Book Festival again this year.  It was such a pleasure having you back.  As always, you were energetic, enthusiastic and flexible.  Your ability to go with the flow and work with changes or improvise when needed is such an asset to our festival, as it would be for any festival or event.  Of course, even when we were temporarily under a deluge of rain, you smiled and laughed.  I am sure you must know the positive impact your outlook has on those around you.

The children all love your books and CD’s.  When you perform at our festival, it’s always the same.  There is a sense of uplifting energy and the festival takes on a whole different feeling.

It is a pleasure and an honor to have such a wonderful author and entertainer participate in our program.  Your professionalism, enthusiasm and flexibility make you a treasure at our festival.

Thanks again, Darrell.  We hope to see you on the book island again next year.

Maria Murphy

I have had the pleasure of knowing Darrell House for more than ten years in my capacity as Special Events Coordinator for Youth Services at Broward County Library. On many occasions, Darrell has volunteered his time, and considerable talent, to benefit libraries and the children we serve. Beyond that, as a hired performer at library events around our county, he has proved enormously popular with family audiences, and always draws a crowd. Darrell is the ultimate professional: a dependable, prompt, “low maintenance” performer!

As a singer/songwriter, Darrell House is absolutely top notch (just listen to one of his CDs). But as a children’s author as well, he is invaluable to both schools and libraries. Darrell is a wonderful, published author who is a professional entertainer…a winning combination to reach young audiences.

In BrowardCounty, we never went wrong with this advice: “If Darrell House is available…hire him!!”

Katy Mullon

Darrell House has performed at the Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque, IA for the past two summers.  The  programs were fantastic and both kids and adults loved him.  Darrell was a pleasure to work with and I recommend him for  any event be it a school, library or festival.   You will enjoy his music, songs, stories and poetry.  He is the total package for great kids entertainment.

Danielle Day